"There are fences that kept youth from reaching their goals in life. We are tearing them down to build bridges so we could reach them."
- Founder & CEO

Our Charity Projects

  • DCP


    Donors to Children Program supports many of the forgotten children around the world. We will collect, pack and ship children’s...

  • YM


    The Youth Missions Program {YMP} is a unique community partnership and educational collaboration. It is open to American and International...

  • UC


    U~Connect™ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math integration program presents an invaluable opportunity for curious and high-achieving students to explore the...

  • Azar_feds_homeBW


    AZAR Feeds is a local effort to address Hunger. Our program provides free meals to youth 18 years and younger...

  • BW


    The YEP program seeks to foster an entrepreneurial climate and career exploration while empowering youth to create successful business ventures...

  • untitled


    BAP is a comprehensive and successful business assistance center. We’re recognized for our responsive, innovative, and effective programs and advocacy...

We Create a Special World Together

What began as a single dream in 2011 has grown into a multitude of people all over the world and our local communities united by a single belief that we can make a massive impact on our children through empowering, educating, and engaging them we are “Transforming a Nation of Young Leaders”.
  • History of Organization

    Founded in early 2011, AZAR Foundation, Inc. was born from a group of individuals that wanted to positively influence the lives...

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  • Communities We Serve

    For decades, policymakers, practitioners, and community stakeholders have worked to revitalize communities facing increased rates of poverty, limited economic development,...

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  • Make a Donation

    It would be impossible to be successful, if it weren’t for the generosity of the local community, businesses and their...

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