AZAR Board of Directors and Staff are a diverse group, reflecting the diversity inherent in the world their work is shaping. They are thoughtful leaders who have significantly influenced thinking, and action, in the areas of charity, social justice, and through empowerment movements. They bring expertise, resources, and vision to their work – along with track records as catalysts of change. The second and far more challenging area where it’s imperative that I establish alignment is in articulating and implementing the foundation’s values. My position is to help staff understand how those principles are to be practiced in every aspect of the foundation’s affairs and to push the board to clearly articulate how they want those values implemented that is integrity, honesty, fidelity, and collaboration. “We say an original idea is never original”. We expand on the idea by incorporating our goals and values. This is what makes us unique.

Our Rock Star Team


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Charlotte Allen

Founder, President & CEO


Nicolette Rockmore

Executive Director

Cynthia Edwards

Office Manager

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Carla Maxie

Project Coordinator

Aubrey White

Aubrey White

Community Relations Director


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Larry Rettig


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Ollie Adams

Vice President

Nely Llanas

Chief Operating Officer

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Ollie Adams

Chief Financial Officer

Glenda Hobs

Glenda Hobbs

Ex-Officio Member & Advisor 

Kimberly Hunter



Lilly Iwuchukwu
Deborah Brown