AZAR Feeds is a local effort to address Hunger. Our program provides free meals to youth 18 years and younger during the summer months. This is one of our programs part of the solution in addressing hunger and food insecurity throughout Texas as meals are served in low-income communities. We also provide emergency food and referral information to homeless, families and individuals in need throughout the year.

AZAR Culinary ProStart, is a subsequent program offered with AZAR Feeds it has two main priorities: (1) awarding scholarships to students who are seeking careers in the culinary arts and (2) working with low-income area youth to promote the enthusiastic quest for health, wellness, and nutrition education as well as an interest in the cooking and food. We’ve named this initiative “Healthy Heart Healthy Mind”.

The class will take students on an international tour of recipes, from Africa, France, Japan, Spain and the U.S. Students will prepare, present and consume culinary delights from each country’s cuisines while learning the basics of nutrition, food safety, kitchen etiquette and clean up and the final class to enjoy world-class creations. We have contracted with local chefs to donate time to introduce the Culinary Arts as a career opportunity. Scholarship opportunities for youth are introduced during the program.

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