The Youth Missions Program {YMP} is a unique community partnership and educational collaboration. It is open to American and International students. This program will first start youth serving in their local communities and eventually in other countries. The youth will be engaged in educational opportunities expanding their world view. Through YMP, students participate in community and educational outreach and cultural programs to bring attention to health, social, and educational problems around the world. Our management team seeks to create and foster multifunctional program components that assist in delivering four ingredients necessary for youth to develop in a positive way to connect them to their community:

(1) a sense of competence;
(2) a sense of usefulness;
(3) a sense of belonging; and
(4) a sense of power that fosters change.

It is YMP’s intent to be a lifeline to weave youth into the very core of the community’s fabric. Our programs seek to engage its participants in innovative, interactive, transformative learning experiences, which often include local, regional, national and international exposure opportunities through missions and educational travel. Exposure experiences are coupled with ongoing outreach and follow-up of participants of the program. This is a requirement for scholarships and graduation.

If you would like us to manage a service learning project for youth, contact our office.

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