U~Connect™ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math integration program presents an invaluable opportunity for curious and high-achieving students to explore the frontiers of 21st century science and technology. In this 6-day “summer camp,” students learn by doing, engaged in hands-on simulations, workshops and site visits – while making new friends and enjoying unforgettable adventures.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Few fields are more important to the future of mankind and few fields show as much promise, in terms of career opportunity. Virtually all career fields today require a solid foundation of STEM, and that’s precisely why these are the fastest growing areas of study, and the reason that STEM professionals are in the highest demand in the United States and throughout the world.

This unique learning experience is for those bright, forward-thinking students who will soon evolve into our next generation of innovators, engineers, doctors, software developers, mathematicians and physicists. This program component will give children skills and training needed to become employable in a high-tech digital corporate environment. Our tutorial component allows teens to help younger children develop skills to improve in their classrooms and assist students with completing homework – ages 5-18.

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