History of Organization

Founded in early 2011, AZAR Foundation, Inc. was born from a group of individuals that wanted to positively influence the lives of youth and the communities around them. The vision of the foundation came from a humble commitment to serve those who need it, and to create initiatives and programs to help all children and families. Armed with big hearts, motivation and knowledge of the impact, awareness of our causes, and small amounts of donations, the AZAR Foundation has taken tremendous strides and has set its place as an established organization.

We believe in the welfare of all young people. Through our Education and Enrichment programs, we engage our youth from a very early age. We provide them with health, wellness, civic and leadership skills, entrepreneurial, career, and college planning programs, and physical fitness activities as positive motivators to enhance their lifestyles and lives. We transcend across culture, human and financial capacity to respectfully engage with young people. We ensure that all of our programs and activities, truly engaged in meeting their needs effectively, respectfully and meaningfully. We hope our youth will grow to believe that they can make the world a better place.

History and Major Accomplishments:

  • Year 2011 – 3 communities working with Buckner International a homeless children’s network. We started with our Enrichment and Nutrition programs; successful; [Donors to Children’s] Provided donations clothes and shoes to homeless children in various countries and [Mission locally].
  • Year 2012 – expanded to 16 communities; partnered with local corporations to develop an [Youth Entrepreneur and Career Exploration Program] – taught the basics of owning a business and introduced educational and other occupational opportunities. Hosted Annual “Diamonds in the Rough Annual Gala sponsored in part by our partners and the OMNI Hotel-Dallas.
  • Year 2013 – expanded to 43 communities; added [U-Connect] Summer and After-School Technology Computer Integration program– one computer lab in Onitsha, Nigeria and about 20 Labs in the Dallas/FT. Worth Area.
  • Year 2014 – expanded to 87 communities; added Science Technology Engineering and Math [STEM] and [4-H] Education; partnered with Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Year 2015 – expanded to 116 communities; development of [Education and Enrichment Camps and After School Programs]. Collaborated with local non-profits to build stronger partnerships in serving the community; expanded Homeless Outreach Program and Services.
  • Year, 2016 – expanded Summer Day Camp and After School program to ISD’s; Charter Schools, and a Summer program started in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Year, 2017 – partnered with University of North Texas, Southern Methodist University for Educators assistance and evaluation of programs effectiveness.

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