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It would be impossible to be successful, if it weren’t for the generosity of the local community, businesses and their donations. Funders give to us, so we can give back to the community. Through your generous gifts in many different forms, we are able to employ a workforce of economically disadvantaged youth and adults in the community, disabled individuals, and the elderly who can now find hope where they once thought there was none. We are able to expand our current programs and serve more children. AZAR certainly appreciates any donation level, we are not only grateful for the contributions, but the interest and support of our ultimate mission to reach our youth and transform lives.

How donations flow to the Community

Planned Giving
You can help The AZAR Foundation continue to achieve their mission of enriching the lives of youth and families. With careful planning, you may be able to make a larger donation than you’ve imagined. And, as an AZAR donor, it may also provide you with unexpected tax benefits.

Planned gifts can be made through many avenues including:

      • A Simple Bequest in Your Will
      • A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
      • A Scholarship in the name of family member
      • Donation of Appreciated Properties (such as Stock or Real Estate)
      • Naming AZAR as the beneficiary of your Life Insurance Policy
      • Retirement Accounts

A Year-Round Giving Program
The AZAR Foundation offers a year-round contributions program which is vital to the organization and its purpose. AZAR is committed to enriching the lives of youth and serving families in need. Giving is about making choices, as individuals, corporations and in community. It is more than giving money to the Foundation; it’s about seeing a need in the community and making a difference.

The year-round giving program consists of six major components: Health, Education, Social, Career, Missions, and Financial.

      • Health and Education ($5,000)
      • Social and Career ($3,000)
      • Missions ($7,000)
      • Financial ($10,000)
      • One-Time Donation (No Level)

Donate Goods or Supplies
We are always looking for donations to not only keep their program vibrant and active, but to meet the individual needs of the community.
Here are just a few of the items we are in constant need of:

      • Arts & Crafts Supplies)
      • Back to School Items
      • Youth and Adult Clothing
      • Food Pantry Items
      • Nutritious Snacks and Meals
      • Computers & Other Technology

To donate, please contact us. All contributions will be prominently recognized both within the facilities and in acknowledgments in published materials and presentations, and in press releases (only by approval and/or request of donor).

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