A Few Words About Us

The AZAR Foundation was founded in early 2011. It was born from a group of individuals that wanted to positively influence the lives of youth and the communities around them. The vision of the foundation came from a humble commitment to serve those who need it and to create initiative and programs to help all children.

Armed with big hearts, motivation, and knowledge of the impact, awareness of our causes, and small amounts of donations, the AZAR Foundation has taken tremendous strides and has set its place as an established organization.

Our Vision

A Lifeline Network
for Youth and Families in our
Community and around the World!

Our goal is to go where the needs are and promote healthy and safe environments for youth to learn and become innovative, leaders, and positive contributors to society. Our plan is to develop a low budget, high impact, self-sufficient projects at least four times per year. We plan to work on two projects at a time in the summer only and two projects all year long while exploring future goals and initiatives. We believe that by partnering with established grass-roots organizations, we can begin to build a community of like-minded individuals who share an interest in our causes.



Thank you so much for all you do for our community, we are richly blessed by your genuine love for humanity, especially those that are the least fortunate in among us. I along with my staff, the member of the church that I have been blessed to serve, and the community we together serve, are truly grateful for your acts of altruism for our community. My God keeps His powerful Hand of protection and kindness upon you and blesses you as much as you have been a blessing to others. 
In His Care,
Rev. F. Henderson Jr.
SR, Pastor of Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church


AZAR Foundation contributed to the Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative as we seeded the community with over 1 million dollars in resources - serving 800 youth and 200 parents during it's "Game Changers" youth summit. We look forward to the continued support of the AZAR Foundation as we endeavor to advance youth development, from the inside out.

Tavian Harris,
CEO/President, Seasons of Change, Inc.

AZAR Foundation, Inc., has been a wonderful community partner and shares the same commitment to children as Children on the Mend, Inc.

Vernetta Kinnard,
Founder, CEO, & President of Children on the Mend, Inc.

"The AZAR Foundation has become a beloved strategic partner who celebrates talent and leadership abilities from a diverse community; thus supporting organizations large and small. The gift of receiving AZAR support is that it enables us to garner high-profile community response, helps us to sustain the ongoing excitement about charitable, civic, social, educational, and scientific research; which builds audiences; and builds a true community of patrons, audiences, and stakeholders for our organization. The AZAR Foundation helped us aide in a significant corner of the socioeconomic world existing here in Rockford, Illinois. Their service delivery and vision is what has enabled us to realize the mission we set out to achieve."

Dr. Sterling Blackmon
Founder, CEO, and President of American Cobra Computer Consulting and RD Foundation (Rockford, Illinois)

Thank you AZAR Foundation, Inc. for being a great help to our organization! We called on you and without hesitation you answered. The many items sent to the young ladies within our institute between the ages of 4-17yrs. old, was truly remarkable and very well needed. Again, we say many thanks to you AZAR Foundation, Inc for all of your support and help!

Syvonia McCoy
Chancellor, Imperial Girls Institute